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Beyond Paradise Rules
1. Starting rumors, harassing, intimidating users is not allowed.
2. If you see art theft, report it to an administrator.
3. Inappropriate slang. Racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.
4. Talk of illegal drugs or substances.
5. Talking about triggering topics. (Self harm, rape, suicide, drug abuse, etc.)
6. Negative criticism.
7. Bashing of religions. Keep it to yourself.
8. Threats. (Viruses, death threats, etc.) This includes jokingly.
9. Explicit Links of any sort.
10. Promotion of illegal activities is prohibited.
11. Falsely advertising of your services to another user, when you have no intention of completing what is owed. (In other words, scamming).
12. Impersonation. (Be an administrator, a user who changed their username, etc.)
13. Spamming of any kind. Commonly repeated numbers and capitals.

If different problems occur, they will be defined into the rules.

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