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Post by Rips on Sun Jan 24, 2016 1:57 pm

I am Rips, also known as Nekare's other account.
I am a 19 years old girl from Norway. In irl, am I studying science, but I am also working beside school as a waiter on a restaurant. My hobbies are science (yes, I am a nerd, reading and doing science in my free time), chatlands, animals, politics and art.  
I am living a life as a politician in my country, but the school need so much focus, so the last months have schoolwork been my main focus.

In chatlands am I mostly known as the owner of the chatland Dragon Powers, but I love to visit other chatlands as well, so you can actually find me on most of them. c;
I love making new friends, so don't be scared, and go ahead and talk with me when you see me! Very Happy
I don't bite I do sometimes, but that's just playfully.

I hope to see you around! Very Happy

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